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The Energy-Saving Solution

As per the 2011 census data there are 246,740,228 (~247 million) urban houses in India. Let us assume 99 million (~40%) of those households leave their toilet lights on during the night on account of senior citizens and various other reasons. Again, assuming 5W average light installed in a toilet and left on for 8hrs. That is 40Wh per day per household, which comes to around 3,948MWh per day for 99 million urban Indian homes.

Compare this with a mega city like Mumbai whose power consumption peaks to 3,200MW in summer. The power wasted due to a single light in 99 million urban households in India can power the city of Mumbai for more than an hour. In reality the toilet lights need to be put on for only a couple of minutes, when the person is actually using the toilet and not the entire night. Similarly, you must have seen power wastage in various other places, such as trial room of a clothing store, parking lot, ATMs, etc.

biovibez develops solutions that help optimise energy consumption by eliminating energy wastage. We believe saving power today is crucial to our better future. Our ergonomically designed Motion Sensor & Light Sensor aesthetically fit into any space and do their job efficiently. These sensors detect the presence of a person and acts as an automatic light switch. Once the person leaves, the light switches 'off' automatically after a fixed timeout, not only saving both power and money but also adding the convenience of automation. We are constantly developing many more such products that will target the highest electricity consuming assets in any space and help the world achieve significant energy reduction.

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