PIR Motion Sensor ​


MP-AC1-R2 - bioVibez PIR Motion sensor, green, energy saving, LUX control, dual output, individual time control

bioVibez - dual outputs pir sensor

bioVibez – Motion sensor is micro-controlled PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared or Passive Infrared) sensor with 2 programmable relay outputs. Precise relay timeouts for each channel can be set for each output using DIP switches. The outputs can be configured to be triggered together or in sequence.

Also, each output has separate LDR (LUX control / Ambient light) activation settings. De-activating LUX control allows the output to be used for non-lighting applications such as operating exhaust fans which need to be operated irrespective of the ambient light conditions.

Both high voltage AC/DC and low voltage DC models are available.

The sensor has a universal mounting design which allows for wall and ceiling mounted.

Dual - outputs

Individually controlled timeouts . (Useful in applications where eg toilet where LUX control should not disable the exhaust fan)

Energy Saving

Ensures optimum use of electricity. Switches 'On' the outputs only in human presense.

LUX control

Individual LUX enable / disable for both outputs


No need to switch 'On' or 'Off' lights or other devices.

Typical applications:

Home - Bathroom /
Toilet installation

Dual outputs are really convenient when it comes to controlling light and exhaust fan with the same PIR motion sensor. OUT1 controls the lights. With LUX control enabled light will not switch 'ON' in daytime. In low light conditions the lights will switch 'ON' and go 'OFF' as per its timeout setting(10 sec to 30 mins). OUT2 is connected to the exhaust fan - LUX control does not apply to controlling the exhaust fan and hence LUX control for OUT2 is disabled. The fan switches 'ON' when there is human presence detected by the sensor and switches 'OFF' as per its timeout setting(10 sec to 30 mins). Note - Every time the sensor detects human presence the timeouts get 'reset'.

Parking - basement / indoor / residential / commercial / industrial - Installation

Parking area's generally do not receive much of natural sunlight. Lights are required to operate 24/7 which lead to big energy bills. bioVibez motion sensors can be placed at strategic locations to detect human presence and switch 'ON' and 'OFF' lights automatically.

Hotels / corporates / commercial / government / educational establishment / malls - hallways / pathways / corridors - Installation

Big establishments like hotels, corporate offices, government offices educational institutes, etc have bigger hallways and corridors which require lighting but are used less than 10% of the time. bioVibez - motion sensors can be put at strategic place along the pathway to minimize energy consumption and cut down electricity bills drastically.

ATMs, information kiosks - Installation

ATM's and other kiosk, expend a lot of energy in terms of lighting and air conditioning. Around 40 to 70% of the time they are unoccupied. bioVibez - PIR sensor can be used to control the main heavy duty lights and only pilot lights 24/7. Huge energy savings can be achieved and decrease of carbon footprint.

Elevator / Lifts - lights & fans - Installations

Lifts and elevators have multiple lights and fans operating 24/7. bioVibez - PIR sensor dual output technology makes it convenient to be used for both lights and fans. Savings from 30% and more can be achieved by establishments, commercial, residential complexes, building projects, etc

bioVibez PIR Motion sensor, green, energy saving, LUX control, dual output, individual time control

Public urinal / toilet / washrooms / change rooms- Installation

Places like toilets, urinals, washrooms, change rooms for public use generally are occupied for not more than 30% of the time. While lights and exhaust fans are on 100% of the time. 70% of sheer wastage of electricity run up to huge bills for the establishments and not good for mother earth too. Installing one or more bioVibez - motion sensors would switch on the main heavy lights only when needed.

Walk-in dresser, change rooms, trial rooms for apparel stores - Installation

Considerable energy savings can be achieved for change rooms, apparel store trial rooms, luxury walk-in closets and dressers. bioVibez - PIR sensor can cut electricity bills and provide automation as well.